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To maximise performance there has been a concerted focus academically and practically on capability skills and behavioural competencies. However, this does not address the aspect of capacity: the ability to process, store and integrate these capabilities and apply them effectively.

We enhance our mental capacities through attention to our cognitive processes through practices such as mindfulness training. Developing both capability and capacity is widely recognised as the next level of performance enhancement.

This can be presented in the form of an equation, in which the sum total of developing capability (represented by technical and behavioural competencies) and capacity (represented by mindfulness training and practice) result in heightened performance (observed in both proficiency and job satisfaction). People up people 2014

By developing a leader's capability, for example, he achieves a heightened sense of awareness of what effective leadership in their environment is, as well as how to flex his behaviours required in that environment at that time. Many leadership programmes are grounded in building proficiency in leadership capabilities.

Little if any, attention has been placed on a leaders’ capacity to implement their leadership capabilities, which is a distinct skill and mindset. Capacity is explained as:

The leader’s ability to focus and perform relevant tasks and activities without suffering mission drift, as well as managing personal stress to optimise effectiveness.
If you as a leader, manage this well, this then contributes to your job satisfaction which in turn can reinforce the positive performance cycle.

It is fundamental that advanced leadership and professional development education and training addresses all factors within the performance equation and specifically that of leadership capacity.
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VSI Executive Education Business Consultant

We specialise in human performance and organisational development. Our role is to be the trusted high-performance partner who helps clients achieve real change and sustained competitive advantage.



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