Top Digital Marketing Tips For Opticians

Top Digital Marketing Tips For Opticians

Following are some excerpts from:
How satisfied are customers with UK Opticians?
A YouGov report commissioned by CooperVision®

Knowing the customer

Understanding the make-up of customers
  • Understanding how they choose an optician
  • How they like to be communicated to
  • Frequency of visit and where they go

Understanding drivers of customer satisfaction

  • Waiting times (in practice)
  • Waiting times (for product)
  • Metrics for customer service and loyalty

Level of trust

  • Level of satisfaction
  • Propensity to recommend (promoter score)
  • Comparative service
  • Understanding what’s important to customers when choosing an optician is key.

 The results clearly demonstrated that customer service far outweighs price when choosing an optician.

Which elements of customer service matter most?

The results show that along with the test process and communication, the level of expertise demonstrated by the eye care practitioner and the front-of-house staff is important to the customer.

Communication is important to a number of customers

Customers want to be reminded about appointments, with email and post being the preferred methods of communication. This reinforces the need for up-to-date customer information. We can help you with that. Contact us.

Preferred reminder methods:

  •  Email 41%
  •  Letter in the post 40%
  •  Text message 33%
  •  Phone call 10%
  •  Don’t want to be reminded 12%

Key learning points:

  • Expertise is everything
  • Contact encourages loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction is at a high level
  • Customers value communication
  • Managing customer expectations is important
  • Customers value a personal approach

About CooperVision®

Since 1980, CooperVision has been providing contact lenses to people all over the globe. In fact, they conduct business in over 100 countries throughout the world. Whether you wear contacts or you’re an eye care provider, they’re here to help you.

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