I currently am the business development branch manager for Aston & Fincher - professional beauty wholesalers with the opportunity to help and expand local hairdressing and beauty businesses, whether that be single site owners and mobile clients to multi site locations.

We currently have a huge opportunity in our wholesale which we are promoting for the use of any hair or beauty business that would find a dedicated training academy useful. It would be ideal for people looking to train others who do not have the space within their exisitng salons or even as a meeting area. There is a nominal fee for the use of the space and this can be booked anything from half a day to indefinate leasing terms. We have a dedicated training team that can help with diary management and our own discounted catering team that can provide daily delegate rates.

For those people that are interrested please do not hesitate to contact me direct at the wholesale on 0151 263 8811 or at



  • Aston and Fincher

    Business Development Branch Manager
    - Current

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