Passionate for completing all my work the best I can, I Cory Beevers am proud to say that i work for a delightful company. We look after both each other and the clients that hold there businesses as our responsibility to make sure they get the best out of them. 


I am very respectful, professional and polite. Loving to please all the clients we receive as well as achieving some of the hardest tasks during the SEO and PPC world. As well as having skills in all other computing departments I focus my time and effort in Digital Marketing. 


You may see on my profile that I have had lots and lots of different jobs especially for my age. To be absolutely honest I didn't know what I wanted to do except from get out of education. Trying lots of different jobs I can proudly say I am part of the extraordinary, talented and friendly We Are Web since July 6th 2015!


Quotes from business me about me...

"I can't believe you are only 17 and are coming out with ideas like this, the way you think is extraordinary."? 


"Young, Clever, Talented just have a mind of your own. Your mind wanders off into different solutions that are faster, more efficient and easier. I've been doing business now for 45 years and the way you think is beyond me."



I am an expert in Digital Marketing, SEO and PPC. I really enjoy what i do all of the time and really appreciate the people who i work with and for.
We are web are one of the friendliest of companies around, i dont know or havnt worked for many companies that are as good as this one. Thnakyou Internet for grouping me up with these guys. Thankyou Weareweb for taking me on.


  • We Are Web

    Digital Marketing Executive
    - Current
     We Are Web

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