Are entrepreneurs born or made?

I was born an entrepreneur and I have always been able to make money. Curiosity is second nature to me and I have spent my whole life engaged in entrepreneurship and personal development.

I am a big fan of technology and Kaisen (??), finding the best way to do everything.

Aged 12 I wrote a computer program on my ZX81 which predicted horse race results with a 60% accuracy rate. Unfortunately, I wagered most of my pocket money on the 40% which lost. Looking back, my computer program was probably much better than I thought when you factor in corruption.

I started my first real business at the age of 22 shortly after returning from Iraqi where I served with the Royal Marines in 1991. I successfully built the business for more than a decade learning through trial and error and by reading several hundred business books for guidance. Eventually, I decided to gain a formal business education and in 2000 graduated from UCLAN with an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management.

I launched my first online business in 2000 a social membership website with chatrooms (pre-Facebook). Where members could upload and share photos and videos (pre-Youtube) and buy products from an online retail store. A significant investment at a time that took a team of 15 computer programers several months to build.

Like many of the ideas and projects I have launched in the past they where too ahead of the time and the business was not financially viable. I consider this my personal experience of the Dot-com bubble bursting as I lost my investment.

However, one major benefit of being heavily involved in the design of the website was learning how to build a website. I have continued to develop this skill for the past 15 years, along with every essential skill required to master digital marketing.

I now share my knowledge and experience with SME's in the North West through fully funded training courses and apprenticeships.


  • Pera Training Ltd

    Digital Marketing & Social Media Trainer
    100+ Employees 2013 - Current

Education History

  • Business and Law

    Liverpool John Moores University
    - 2012


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