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I help business owners/senior managers find the right solutions to business relationship challenges.  I give you peace of mind, a clear way forward and all the support you need. 

We work together to achieve your goals and avoid the risks of litigation.  I am a qualified mediator, tribunal advocate, investigator and legal advisor.  I have the skills and expertise to find genuine solutions for you and your business.  All fees are agreed up front.  To contact me please telephone, email or to find out more, visit my website.


  • Kim Nicol - Workplace Legal Solutions

    Employment Law, Business Coaching and Mediation
    1 - 5 Employees 2013 - Current

    I have been protecting businesses for over 25 years.  This has included defending all variety of employment tribunal claims on behalf of employers, representing them and presenting their cases to Employment Judges with authority and total conviction.

    I help businesses resolve workplace conflicts through mediation, dispute resolution, severance agreements and dismissal.  I plan and conduct meetings aimed exclusively at achieving your objectives with the minimum risk and fully anticipating all potential consequences.

    I provide workplace training to support managers and coaching to develop the skills they need in the modern workplace.  

    I have assisted companies with in-depth investigations into bullying, harassment and discrimination, including complaints about people in senior positions.  I have completed investigation reports that have led to major improvements in company processes and procedures, offering maximum protection and benefit to the business.

    I have managed TUPE transfers and redundancies for clients, advising on and conducting consultation meetings, dealing with union representatives and achieving successful outcomes.

    I have worked alongside senior managers to develop exit strategies for junior and senior employees, and business partners.

    I have provided management teams with coaching and mentoring programmes to develop and understanding of true employee engagement, team development, leadership and their legal duties and responsibilities.

    I have worked across many industry sectors including public sector organisations, large blue-chip companies and SME’S.  The health care sector, general and high-end retail, engineering, construction, schools and colleges, service industries, entertainment industry, housing associations, airline and professionals (solicitors, vets etc).

    My focus is on providing you with  lighter outlook and a truly successful business.

  • Kim Nicol

    Employment Law, Business Coaching and Mediation
    1 - 5 Employees - Current

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