Mike Adams is the long-standing Online Marketing Manager at one of the UK's leading online confectioners.

After starting at Retro Sweet Corner 2 years ago, Mike watched his hard work pay off as the business grew from strength to strength month-on-month and even year-on-year thus far. Mike's strong background in SEO ensures that he has that required knowledge to devise and implement an effective search marketing strategy with the help of a team working beneath him.

Not only is Mike a guru within the SEO field, but he also knows how to build and garner a health return from a PPC campaign. Before starting at the Retro Sweet Corner, Mike worked agency-side and helped clients of all sizes and industries to increase their online search visibility as well as turnover by improving their rankings for competitive money terms within Google, something he is very proud of - he never ceases to strive for perfection.


Mike started out his career in web design, but he wasn't content with that and soon turned to the marketing world with a friendly push from his close friend, Tim, who had an extensive background in Paid Search (or PPC) although Mike knew that he'd rather be well-versed within organic search (SEO) rather than paid.

After many years of trial and error, Mike soon realised that he had what it took to make a big impact in these search engines by implementing what he had learnt. His technical SEO knowledge and keen analytical mind meant that he could look at a website, its history and potential as well as the landscape around it and devise an unbreakable strategy that would take any website to places it had never been before. It worked. A lot.


  • Retro Sweet Corner

    Marketing Manager
    - Current
    Retro Sweet Corner

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